The puppy-shaped ice-cream comes in different flavors, depending on the breed. Photo: Courtesy of J.C. Co Kitchen@Facebook.

A video showing a large dog looking shocked as its owner carves up a puppy-shaped ice-cream with a spoon has gone viral on the internet, bringing fortune and fame to the ice-cream maker in Taiwan.

J.C. Co Art Kitchen from Kaohsiung has attracted a large amount of customers since they launched the ice-cream puppy in late June, the New Straits Times reported. The puppies take five hours to be made and the flavors change depending on the breed of the puppy.

Customers can choose between the earl grey Labrador, the chocolate pug or the peanut shar-pei. The dessert costs US$$6 per serving. J.C. Co Art Kitchen produces only 100 puppies per day.

The shop owner said in an interview that two of the ice-cream products were made to commemorate his friend’s dogs. While some who watched the video online thought that eating a puppy-shaped ice-cream was disgusting, others said they didn’t feel guilty about eating the cute little dogs.

So far animal rights activists have not complained about the ice-cream product. However, many activists put a lot of effort in promoting a ban on the dog meat trade and the consumption of dog meat in Asian countries such as Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and China.

Others criticized dog owners who ate the puppy-shaped ice-cream in front of their pets, which they claimed would confuse and traumatize them. On YouTube, several dog owners tried to test their dogs’ reactions by consuming the ice-cream in front of them.

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