Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island
Photo: Ryuma Iwami@Facebook
Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island Photo: Ryuma Iwami@Facebook

A Hong Kong photo which touched the hearts of local netizens recently went viral on social media.

It showed a policewoman helping an old woman push a cart filled with cardboard boxes across a busy street in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island.

A Japanese man named Ryuma Iwami shared the photo on Facebook last Thursday with a message, “This is Hong Kong Police, and I am so proud of you”. The photo later went viral on social media and was widely shared.

Iwami said he was rushing to work when he saw the policewoman helping an elderly woman push a cart across Leighton Road in hot weather, Headline Daily reported.

The old woman collects cardboard waste on the streets of Causeway Bay and sells it to a recycling plant.

Iwami, who was born in Hong Kong and studied in Japan, now teaches Judo to children in Hong Kong. He praised Hong Kong police for being generally polite and helpful.

It was understood that the policewoman, surnamed Yau, works out of Happy Valley Police Station.

The photo has since been shared by the Hong Kong Police Facebook page, saying “we will provide necessary support to every citizen in need regardless of the sizzling hot weather.” It has already generated more than 1,700 likes.