Cheung Chau, Hong Kong 
Photo: Google Maps
Cheung Chau, Hong Kong Photo: Google Maps

Police arrested two young Pakistani men who allegedly assaulted a local man on the outlying Hong Kong island of Cheung Chau on Tuesday.

At 8pm, a 27-year-old local man surnamed Ho was riding his bicycle home from the pier on Cheung Chau island when his way was blocked outside a village house at Bela Vista Villa. There, four male and two female South Asians were having a barbeque, Oriental Daily reported.

When Ho requested that they allow him through, the group claimed that Ho had hit them with his bicycle. Two of the young men, who were believed to be drunk, then struck Ho.

Other villagers who had witnessed the attack stopped it and captured the faces of the suspects using mobile phone cameras.

The suspects then ran to the pier and jumped aboard the ferry in an attempt to leave the island.

The villagers who had photographed the suspects’ faces sent the photos to other people who lived and worked near the waterfront. This led to at least ten villagers running to the ferry pier and stopping the ferry from leaving.

After marine police arrived and boarded the ferry, two ethnic Pakistani men, aged 16 and 19 and holding local identity cards, were arrested for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The victim was sent to hospital with injuries to his head and arms.