The Hanoi government urged its citizens to give up dog meat. Photo by iStock.
The Hanoi government urged its citizens to give up dog meat. Photo by iStock.

Cyber criminal cases including computer-hacking, phone scams and illegal online gaming are on the rise in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security recently coordinated with 52 provincial police departments to address fraudsters who are using the Internet and telecommunications and banking systems to steal money from victims.

Criminals have been known to break into a bank’s computer system to steal account holders’ information from bank databases. They then impersonate bank staff and call the victims to con them out of passwords, which the criminals use to take out loans, leaving victims in debt, according to Viet Nam News.

Another con game that is old yet effective is when criminals call unwitting citizens by phone and inform them that they have won a lottery. Victims are then told that they must pay an administration fee in order to collect the non-existent prize.

In recent cases, over 560 people lost a total of VND43 billion (US1.8 million) to such scams, said the police, adding that 12 criminal suspects have been arrested.

Last month, an online football gambling ring involving around VND9.8 trillion (US$426.3 million) was cracked by Phú Thọ police. Some police officers were reportedly involved in the ring, VN Express reported. A total of 92 people have been arrested so far.

According to the Hanoi Public Security Department, 97 high tech criminal cases were reported last year which resulted in 165 arrests.