Palembang City, Indonesia. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian couple named their newborn daughter “Asian Games” after she was born just hours before the opening ceremony of the 18th Asian Games.

On August 18 in Palembang, where the games are currently being held, Yordania Denny, 38, and his wife welcomed their fourth child, who was due to be born September, Indian Express reported.

Denny said they named their daughter “Abidah Asian Games” as she was unexpectedly born hours before the opening ceremony of the Games and she was born in Palembang, which is co-hosting the games with Jakarta.

“Such an event is rare. It only happens every few years. And not to mention that it’s in Palembang; it’s rare for Palembang to host such an event,” Denny said.

The girl’s parents said they would allow her to change her name in the future if she wants to.

The 18th Asian Games are being held in Indonesia from August 19 to September 2. It is the second time the country has hosted the games, and the first time the games have been co-hosted by two cities – Jakarta and Palembang.