Emma Balela (inset) claimed her employer mutilated her genitals and nipples and she was made to sleep in a room with animals for five years. Photos: Facebook/Stepahnie P. Esguerra/Google Maps

A Filipino maid alleged in a video that her genitals were mutilated and her nipples cut off by her employer in Busaiteen in northern Bahrain and she had not been paid her salary for five years.

In a Facebook video uploaded by Stephanie Esguerra, domestic worker Emma Balela, 33, claimed she was abused by her 52-year-old Bahraini employer and was made to sleep in a room she had to share with animals for five years. Balela also claimed her nipples and genitals were cut off by the employer, Gulf Digital News reported.

Balela was admitted to a hospital last month. She said her employer’s sister helped her by buying her a plane ticket to the Philippines and retrieved her passport from the employer. When Balela was discharged from hospital last week, she went straight to the airport.

In the airport, Balela met with Esguerra and asked for her help to spread her case on social media. Balela said she wanted to file a case against her employer to get her five years worth of unpaid salary.

Ricardo Aragon, the vice-consul of the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain, said the embassy was investigating the case and Balela was met by officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila when she arrived last Tuesday.

“The woman was met by DFA officials and is currently being treated in St Luke’s Hospital,” Aragon said.

Update: Maid has PTSD and was not mutilated, says embassy