Manama, capital of Bahrain. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Wadiia
Manama, capital of Bahrain. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Wadiia

A Filipino domestic worker’s claims of having her genitals mutilated and her nipples cut off by her employer were found to be untrue.

On Saturday, the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain said in a statement that the Filipino domestic worker showed no evidence of wounds or scars to her genitals after undergoing medical examinations at the St. Luke Medical Center in Quezon City in the Philippines.

“The attending physician likewise confirmed that her breasts are normal with no sign of any recent wounds or scars on the said areas,” the embassy said.

In a video that was uploaded on Facebook, the domestic worker claimed that her employer cut off her nipples and her genitals and that she was underpaid for five years. She also claimed she was forced to sleep in a room filled with animals.

The Philippine Embassy said while there was no evidence of the allegations being true, other signs of possible physical and other forms of abuse have been observed following examinations of the domestic worker.

“A psychiatric specialist confirmed that the Filipina was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the cause and extent of which is still undetermined at his point,” the embassy said.

The embassy confirmed that the Filipina was underpaid as she only received 90 Bahraini dinar (US$239) per month since she arrived in Bahrain. The required monthly salary in the standard contract for Filipino domestic workers in Bahrain is 150 dinar (US$400). According to the video the maid uploaded, she had worked for her employers for five years. 

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