A police raid saw the arrests of a local employer and two illegal workers in the city's Portas do Cerco area. Photo: Google Maps

A Macanese man has fallen afoul of authorities after a police swoop found him employing undocumented workers from mainland China and Vietnam.

He reportedly offered daily pay of about 800 patacas (US$100) to hire a Chinese stonemason for two days this month for renovation work at a residential unit in the Portas do Cerco area of Macau.

The renovation contractor, 60, was also approached by a Vietnamese maid who offered two days of cleaning work at the site for 400 patacas.

The Macanese employer blamed the city’s labor crunch during interrogation but he may still face two charges of knowingly recruiting non-locals who failed to produce valid work permits, as the Chinese and Vietnamese laborers could only show their passports and domestic work permits when police raided the unit. Both were also arrested.

The Vietnamese woman insisted that she was innocent as she was just helping her friend with some housework in the unit and did not seek any payment from the renovation contractor, according to reports in Macau papers.

In another police bust, a Chinese man from Fujian province who entered as a tourist was caught carrying out renovation work at a local restaurant. He produced a counterfeit Macau identity card in a bid to fool officers.