Kampung Sungai Lada in Labuan, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
Kampung Sungai Lada in Labuan, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A Malaysian man who was charged with murdering a Filipino woman two years ago in Labuan, East Malaysia, will learn his fate on August 24.

Adzman Boy, 24, a construction laborer, was accused of murdering Nerisa Linawg Abelilla on the evening of August 15, 2016, in  Kampung Sungai Lada, Labuan, the Daily Express reported on Saturday. Labuan is an island territory off the coast of Sabah.

On May 25 this year, the High Court in Labuan heard from a witness that the accused had used a metal rod to hit Abelilla. However, the accused denied doing such a thing.

According to the prosecution, the witness, a pathologist, said the metal rod allegedly used in the incident could have caused the injuries sustained by Abelilla. 

“A pathologist in her evidence testified that the metal rod was capable of causing the injuries sustained by the deceased which eventually caused her death. The metal rod can cause fractures with single or multiple blows,” the prosecution said.

The prosecution also said the accused gave contradicting evidence and some that made no sense at all.

The court will render its verdict on August 24.

In Malaysia, violating Section 302 of the Penal Code, or murder, carries the death sentence or life imprisonment upon conviction.