Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: iStock
Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: iStock

A Filipino worker pleaded not guilty to groping his Indian colleague outside their workplace during a court hearing in Dubai on Thursday.

In March, the 40-year-old Indian woman had just finished work and was talking with two of her Thai colleagues outside their workplace when the Filipino man, 29, suddenly hugged her from behind and touched her chest, Gulf News reported.

The woman yelled at him and pushed him away and filed a complaint with police, who arrested the man shortly afterwards. At the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday, the man faced a charge of groping the woman.

He pleaded not guilty and said he did not touch the Indian woman. He also submitted to the court a written waiver, claiming it was from the Indian woman.

One of the pair’s Thai colleagues who was with the woman when the incident happened testified that the man slid his hands under the woman’s arms and groped her. A ruling will be made on September 13.