Al Qusais in Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Bin Al Stroker
Al Qusais in Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Bin Al Stroker

A male Filipino clerk working in Dubai escaped from two male students who tried to rape him by jumping out of a first-floor window, but suffered serious injuries in the fall.

At 10am on May 14 at a train station in Dubai, the 41-year-old Filipino man was approached by a Yemeni student, 19, who tried convincing the clerk that he would help him find a job, Gulf News reported.

The student asked the Filipino to accompany him to his apartment in Al Qusais so he could change his clothes and then help the Filipino to find a job. When they arrived at the apartment, the Filipino waited for the student to change his clothes.

However, the student suddenly came out of his room wearing only his underwear and tried to undress the Filipino and asked to have sex with him. Another student, a Sudanese national and the Yemeni student’s roommate, came out of his room and threatened the Filipino with a knife.

The Filipino escaped by jumping from a window, but broke his arm, legs and back when he landed. A security guard at the building immediately called for an ambulance and reported the incident to police, who arrested the two students.

On Tuesday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the two students were charged with attempted rape at knifepoint. The trial will continue on September 23.