Abu Dhabi. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Abu Dhabi. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino in Abu Dhabi and his co-workers have made a deal with a restaurant to serve their meals in reusable containers to help reduce plastic waste in the environment.

Norman Laquian, a medical-procurement supervisor at the British Veterinary Centre, said that when he and his co-workers saw pictures of plastic waste washed up on the shores of Manila Bay in the past few months, they decided to do their part in helping the environment, The National reported.

Laquian said he and his co-workers frequently ordered food from a Filipino restaurant and asked the establishment to deliver their meals in reusable containers. The idea came from Jennifer Hale, the center’s administrative partner.

“When Jennifer said we were using a lot of plastic and she wanted to get rid of it, we told the restaurant that in our culture we were comfortable using lunch kits,” Laquian said.

Hale bought lunch kits for staff members who order from the restaurant each day. Laquian said that after they are done with their meals, they washed the kits and he would drop off the containers at the restaurant in the evening.

Laquian is hopeful more people in Abu Dhabi will follow their lead to help reduce plastic waste.