Dashu Police Station of the Renwu Precinct of the Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau. Photo: Google Maps

After arriving in Taiwan with only a photograph of his parents’ wedding, a 23-year-old Filipino man has been successfully reunited with his biological father in Kaohsiung City.

Michael, who is also known as Huang Chun-hao, came to Taiwan from the Philippines accompanied by two friends on July 28. Their goal was to find Michael’s father, a Taiwanese man to whom his mother had been briefly married more than 20 years before, The United Daily News reported.

The three visited the Renwu Precinct of the Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau, where officers at first thought they must be tourists who had lost their way.

Michael presented an old photo that showed his parents on their wedding day and explained that he was trying to find the man he believed to be his biological father. The only other information Michael had to offer was that his father had lived in the village of Hsingshan in Dashu District more than two decades before.

The Kaohsiung police contacted the village chief, who confirmed that a 62-year-old farmer who matched Michael’s description still lived in the village.

Mr Huang Senior, who never remarried after the separation from Michael’s mother and had never even known that she was pregnant, was asked to visit the police station to meet his son.

Despite communication barriers due to the fact that Michael only speaks English while his father speaks only Mandarin, the two men were said to be overjoyed to meet.

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