Princess San Diego, a former Filipino migrant worker, failed in at least 14 business ideas until her reinvention of a traditional Filipino dessert started gaining recognition and success. Photo: Facebook (What's Your Flan?)

A former Filipino migrant worker with a long track record of business failures finally found success when she added her own twist to a traditional Filipino dessert and gained attention online.

Princess San Diego, who used to work in Dubai, had already had  around 14 business ideas that failed, but that did not stop the wannabe entrepreneur from chasing her dreams.

San Diego’s latest business occurred unexpectedly in 2016 when she added a twist to the making of leche flan, a popular Filipino caramel custard dessert, Entrepreneur Philippines reported.

As a personal experiment, San Diego decided to incorporate a Japanese green tea called matcha into the dessert and posted a photo of her creation online. The photo went viral and San Diego started receiving inquiries from people wanting to purchase the dessert.

San Diego turned the dessert idea into a business called What’s Your FLAN and was able to more than triple her initial capital in less than a week. By the end of 2016, she was earning around PHP20,000 (US$374) a week from her home-based business.

She then expanded her business by coming up with other recipes and entering into partnerships with resellers in different parts of Luzon and Davao. As of July, she has 40 resellers and earns an average of PHP20,000 to PHP40,000 (US$375 to US$748) from each one of them.

San Diego says she hopes to open her own coffee shop and market her desserts there.