Indonesian domestic workers in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Asia Times

An employer in Hong Kong has gone online to complain about her Indonesian maid running away after clocking up debts with moneylenders.

Kee Yin Wan posted her experience with two photos of her domestic worker on a Facebook group on Monday, saying she had been harassed by moneylenders after her maid left without a word, Headline Daily reported.

The employer said the maid, who had been with her for two years and had just renewed her contract in March, had a day off on Sunday and went out but she did not return home.

When the employer returned home from work on Monday evening, she discovered the maid’s belongings were gone as well as the keys to her home. She added that she tried to call the maid but could not get through.

She tried sending her messages on WhatsApp but discovered she had been blocked. The following morning moneylenders called, saying her maid was in debt to them. She discovered that over the past year, the maid failed to repay money borrowed from other Indonesian maids.

The employer filed a report with police and said she would inform the Consulate General of Indonesia in Hong Kong as well as the Immigration Department about her main’s behavior.

She advised other employers not to hire the maid.

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