MRT Taipei Main Station, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
MRT Taipei Main Station, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 28-year-old jobless Taiwanese man from Kaohsiung was arrested after allegedly molesting an Indonesian woman in a women’s washroom in a Taipei Metro station.

The accused, who had reportedly consumed one and a half bottles of strong liquor while with friends overnight at Tucheng district, New Taipei City, took a train for Taipei at 7am the next day, The Liberty Times reported.

While he was on the second floor of the Taipei Metro concourse that connects the Bannan Line and the Tamsui Line, he caught sight of the Indonesian woman and followed her into a washroom.

It was reported that he was still drunk and attracted by the victim’s beauty. He entered a cubicle next to hers and then climbed into the victim’s unit.

He allegedly stopped her from screaming by covering her mouth with one hand, and removed his trousers and underwear with the other. He then allegedly rubbed his private parts against the victim’s crotch.

A cleaner heard some odd noises and checked, prompting the accused to climb back into his cubicle.

The woman immediately came out to scream for help. Police say they found the accused lying passed out on the floor when they broke into the locked cubicle.

When he woke up, the man told the police that he was on his way to Sanchong district, and claimed he had no memory of how and why he had ended up in a women’s washroom. However, surveillance video showed the man going back and forth near the washroom, allegedly looking for an opportunity to harass the victim.

As he bore a unique tattoo on his calf, the police also recognized the man as a burglary suspect who allegedly visited a male dormitory of National Taiwan University on two occasions, stealing a total of NT$5,300 (US$170) in cash from two students.

He was thus arrested on suspicion of committing an act of forced obscenity and two counts of theft.