Ant Financial Group is spearheading China's fintech revolution. Photo: AFP
Ant Financial Group is aiming to list in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Photo: AFP

Ant Financial, the fintech arm of Alibaba, has quashed rumours of a potential delay over an IPO, saying that the company had no plans to go public, Shanghai Securities Journal reported.

It was reported by some foreign media that the Ant Financial IPO program was again postponed, and that the company will not be listed until the end of 2019.

Some reports also quoted “insiders familiar with the matter,” saying that listing will likely happen “a few years later.”

However, Ant Financial’s public relations director Peng Mei, said in an exclusive response to the Shanghai Securities Journal that the company has never set a timetable for a listing, and thus there is no postponement.

“All the rumours about the listing of Ant Financial on the market are inconsistent with the facts,” Peng emphasized.

On June 9, Ant Financial announced that it had completed a new round of financing totalling US$14 billion. So far, it’s believed the valuation of Ant Financial has reached US$150 billion.