Tai Po in the New Territories where the incident took place. Photo: Google Maps

Another needle attack was reported in Hong Kong on Monday after a woman was injured when she sat on a bench on a footpath in the New Territories’ Tai Po.

This latest attack comes after 10 similar cases were reported of needles being inserted in bus seats since late June. A 30-year-old man was arrested in connection with the bus seat cases on July 4.

On Monday, a woman was injured by needles when she sat on a bench on a footpath in the New Territories’s Tai Po.

The 57-year-old woman told police she felt tired and wanted to take a rest after shopping in the Tai Po Hui Market and Cooked Food Center with her 30-year-old son, Oriental Daily reported.

The woman had walked to the benches built under rain shelters outside the market. When she sat down, a needle pierced her right buttock. She pulled the needle out and asked her son to call the police. She was later sent to hospital for treatment.

Police cordoned off the area and a search revealed two more needles in the benches, Sing Tao Daily reported. Police said the case was serious and they were checking surveillance camera footage, adding they could not rule out the possibility of a copycat action to the bus incidents.

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