A Jiangmen hawker armed with a knife attacks an urban management officer. Photo: Weibo

A video showing two urban management officers being stabbed by a Chinese hawker in Jiangmen in Guangdong province has gone viral on social media.

At 9am on June 30, a man selling vegetables without a license in front of the Shuijie market became enraged when asked to leave by a group of urban management officers.

He stabbed one of the officers in the shoulder with a knife and kicked him many times. When the man run away after assaulting the first man, two officers followed him, one armed with a water pipe as weapon, while the other shot a video.

The man ran into an alley and went into a building where he hid under a wooden bench on the third floor. When the officers arrived, he popped up suddenly and stabbed an officer in the hand, forcing them both to retreat. He was subdued by police one hour later, according to local media. Two officers suffered injuries during the incident.

People who watched the video online had mixed views about the incident. Some praised the officers for being brave and chasing the armed man, while others said the video was as exciting as a Hollywood movie.

However, some said the illegal hawker became enraged because he may have been badly treated by the urban management officers, who are notorious for their rudeness.

In China, urban management officers are hired by the city government to manage minor issues such as illegal hawking and parking. However, many lack training while some abuse their powers.

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