The What up HK music video. Photo: YouTube/The Gwai Lou Show

A three-minute music video showing two Americans who rap in Cantonese has gone viral on social media. The video, named What up HK, was produced by a team called The Gwai Lou Show.

The video showed two American rappers saying how they love and miss Hong Kong, in Cantonese. In the music video, the rappers wave a Hong Kong flag, drink Hong Kong-brand soybean milk and use many local slangs in the lyrics to express their feelings about Hong Kong.

The rappers said they stayed in Hong Kong for two years from 2007. They said they missed everything about Hong Kong – the people, architecture and food. They wrote the song and produced the music video, Oriental Daily reported.

The rappers admitted that Cantonese was a very difficult language to learn and they could only rap the lyrics slowly. They added that Cantonese should remain as the main language in Hong Kong.

Monica Moore Smith, an American singer and actress, also sang the song and performed in the MTV.

People online said they were amazed and praised the performance. Others said they were touched by the lyrics.