Garapan on Saipan. Photo: Google Maps
Garapan on Saipan. Photo: Google Maps

About 600 Filipino construction workers have been hired in Saipan to wok on a casino-resort facility in Garapan. Imperial Pacific International (IPI) said that in addition to more than 1,000 workers from Guam, the Filipino workers will help speed up construction of the casino-resort, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

“Construction progress on the casino-hotel project is much better than it was during the last half of last year with substantially larger numbers of construction workers,” IPI said.

The company said construction of the new resort was supposed to be finished in August, but due to labor issues, the project was delayed to December. It hired 600 Filipino workers in a bid to complete the resort as soon as possible.

The Filipinos were granted work visas and arrived in Saipan earlier this week. The new resort will feature a 14-story hotel and a casino with more than 200 gaming tables and more than 350 slot machines.

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