Taipei, Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Taipei, Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Indonesian workers in Taiwan are now able to learn new skills as a non-government organization offers special courses on how to maintain a livelihood once they return to their homeland.

Karen Shu, a member of the Global Workers Organization (GWO), said the NGO was offering training courses through its Upskill Program to migrant workers who plan on returning to their home countries, The Jakarta Post reported.

“We want them to open up their own businesses and provide employment for their families or partners,” Shu said.

GWO offers courses in such subjects as Mandarin and making bubble tea, a Taiwanese drink. Indonesia worker Sri Purwati, 34, said she was taking up a hairstyling class that would help her fulfill her dream of opening her own beauty salon.

“I have saved enough to open up a small salon in my village back home,” she said.

Purwati, who has worked in Taipei as a geriatric nurse for five years, plans on returning home to Indonesia.

There are around 260,000 Indonesian workers in Taiwan and they are employed in various sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture and health. A migrant worker in Taiwan earns an average of NT$17,000 to NT$23,000 (US$555 to US$75o) a month.