Bali in Indonesia where the drugs were found. Photo: Google Maps

Indonesian police intercepted a large shipment of cold relief tablets used for making illicit drugs in January in Bali, which were shipped from South Korea and bound for Australia.

About 600,000 pseudoephedrine tablets sent from South Korea and headed for Australia were found during a stopover in Bali, Free Malaysia today reported. Police said they made the bust in January but only announced it on Monday. The bottles containing the tablets weighed nearly 140 kilograms and were labelled as health food.

Heru Pambudi, Indonesia’s customs director general, said tests were conducted on the tablets which confirmed they contained pseudoephedrine, a chemical used to make methamphetamine and other illegal drugs.

Pambudi added that an Australian national, who was not identified, had been arrested by Australian police in connection with the haul. In Indonesia, many foreigners have been caught bringing illegal drugs into Bali and some were sentenced to death.