The maid on a ledge 20 floors up in Kornhill Garden in Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island. Photo: 樂活鰂魚涌/@Facebook

Photos of a maid standing on the ledge of a high-rise apartment in Hong Kong and cleaning a window have gone viral on social media.

A woman posted the photos with one showing a maid standing on a ledge high up and cleaning the exterior of a window, news website reported. It added she was out there for about 15 minutes.

Another photo showed the same domestic worker bending over with half of her body leaning out of the window. The photographer said she had seen the domestic worker cleaning the windows for a year. The maid even venture out on the ledge in a drizzle.

The woman said she was scared the domestic worker would lose her balance and fall from the building, so on Friday she posted the photos and a message to a Facebook group saying: “This morning, my conscience could not take it anymore”, hoping neighbors who know the family could help inform them of the dangerous situation.

It is believed the apartment is on the 20th floor at Block 3 of Kornhill Garden in Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island and the maid is Indonesian. In 2017, the Labor Department introduced rules aimed at protecting domestic helpers from requests to clean the exterior of windows in high-rise buildings.

Two new clauses were added to employment contracts. One clause required that only windows with locked grilles can be cleaned by maids. The other stated that no part of the helper’s body will be outside the window except for the arms.

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