A domestic worker holds an umbrella for a boy. Photo: Hong Kong Discuss Forum

Three photos showing a foreign domestic worker holding an umbrella and a schoolbag for a secondary-school student in Hong Kong have triggered a hot discussion on social media about parenting.

The student was seen apparently playing with his mobile phone while walking alongside a maid on a rainy day in photos uploaded by a netizen identified as “leo881901” on the Hong Kong Discuss Forum. The maid was holding two umbrellas, one for him and one for herself, while carrying a schoolbag for the boy.

“If you are the boy’s parent, will you praise the domestic worker for doing her job well or slam your child for not holding the umbrella himself?” the netizen said in his post.

The post has gone viral on the Internet over the past week with hundreds of netizens leaving comments. Most of the comments slammed the boy’s parents for having spoiled their child, making him self-centered and lacking in ability to take care of himself.

Some said it was unlikely that the domestic worker would be praised by her employer, who may have taken her good services for granted.

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