The nun lived near Jakarta in Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The nun lived near Jakarta in Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Indonesian nun appears to have cured herself of breast cancer by drinking a traditional medicine made of parasitic plants. Antonia Batseran, a Maria Mediatrix nun, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1983 and told she had little chance to live.

Over the years, Batseran had eight operations, the last one removing her left breast, UCA News reported. The nun said her brother Akle Ivakdalam had a dream that he took dried parasitic plants from a kapok tree and an orange tree in front of their house and used the plants to make medicine.

Ivakdalam boiled the stems and leaves and had Batseran drink the concoction regularly for three years and she eventually felt better. “Yet I had to see a doctor to make sure that my breast cancer was gone,” Batseran said.

The doctor was surprised as the cancer was completely gone. After being cured, Batseran now helps cancer patients by offering them the medicine she took. She said she visits patients in clinics and hospitals and offers the medicine for free.

Among those she treated was a 52-year-old mother she met in 2010 at a clinic in North Jakarta. The mother drank Batseran’s medicine three times a day and the lump in her left breast became smaller. She said she will continue to drink the medicine until the lump was gone.