Kajang Hospital, Selangor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
Kajang Hospital, Selangor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A newborn baby, who was found by a restaurateur after being thrown out of a building by his 22-year-old Indonesian mother on June 24, died on Saturday in an intensive care unit of a Malaysian hospital in the city of Kajang.

After hearing a loud noise, restaurant owner Thalayan Paliandy found the baby in the street outside his restaurant and rushed him to hospital. Since then, Paliandy has been making regular checks on the baby’s welfare, and on a visit to the Intensive Care Unit on Friday was told that the baby’s condition remained unchanged.

But he told the New Straits Times on Tuesday that he was shocked to learn from reporters that the newborn boy had been pronounced dead at 4:53 am on the day following his last visit.

The doctor in charge informed the Malaysian police that the baby succumbed to severe head and body injuries caused by the fall from the second floor of a building at Jalan Hentian 4 near Kajang bus terminal on the afternoon of June 24.

The baby’s mother, an Indonesian national and a migrant worker in the country for two months, will now be charged with murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

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