New Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
New Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 54-year-old Taiwanese man entered a burning building in New Taipei City three times on Saturday morning, saving at least two trapped people from harm.

The man surnamed Tai, is the father of a motorcycle repair shop owner who lives opposite the residential building on Xikun First Street in Banqiao District, The Liberty Times reported.

While meditating at 1am on July 28, Tai was disturbed by a loud noise and soon found that the neighboring building was on fire.

Tai reportedly grabbed a fire extinguisher and dashed to the third floor of the burning building where he woke up a Vietnamese woman surnamed Ha and led her to safety.

Overhearing cries for help, Tai re-entered the building for a second time, but was unable to get very far because of extremely high temperatures. He instructed people to crawl along the floor to evacuate.

Tai then noticed a man standing at the window of his flat, seemingly preparing to jump. Tai quickly brought the victim a ladder, which allowed the man to climb safely to the ground.

The blaze in the end claimed one life and injured three other persons. An investigation into the cause of the explosion that led to the fire is ongoing.

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