Shatin, the New Territories
Shatin, the New Territories

A resident was stunned to find a troupe of monkeys throwing a pool party at the outdoor swimming pools of a private residential housing complex in Shatin, the New Territories on Thursday.

The woman surnamed Hung said when she woke up at 7am, she spotted about ten monkeys playing around the outdoor swimming pools of Scenery Garden, Apple Daily reported.

The monkeys ran around the complex’s two pools, and some of them were seen cooling themselves in the water.

There were no residents using the pools at the time.

Reports are common of monkeys in the area surrounding the housing complex, which is located near an undeveloped hillside.

Residents in the housing complex expressed concerned about contamination of the the water in the pools and urged the management company to close them for disinfection.

Doctor advised residents to be aware that monkey visitors can carry germs like E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus.

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