Dubai. Photo: iStock
Dubai. Photo: iStock

A 32-year-old Filipino domestic worker in Dubai who admitted killing her newborn baby will have her mental health evaluated.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard that on September 16, 2017, the maid went to the home of her employer’s sister and claimed she was not feeling well because she was having her period. She went into the bathroom and stayed there for two hours, The National reported.

When she came out, she was carrying a plastic bag and her clothes had bloodstains. The employer’s sister saw that she was bleeding heavily and called an ambulance.

Doctors said the domestic worker had given birth. Police were notified and went to the house to investigate, where they found a plastic bag that had a dead baby boy inside.

In court, the maid admitted that she had killed the newborn by stuffing a piece of cloth into his mouth. She was charged with premeditated murder and will have her mental health evaluated.

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