A Filipino maid in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has pleaded to be rescued from her abusive employer. Photo: Facebook/Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino maid working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, turned to social media to get help and pleaded to be rescued after suffering abuse by her employer.

In a video uploaded on Facebook, the woman said she has bruises on her arms and legs after being beaten by her employer. She said the employer used a metal pot to hit her and also pulled her hair.

She also said she has not been paid for three months and was seeking help from the Philippine government. She said she had tried contacting her recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia, but no one answered her calls. She suspects the agency has closed down.

She pleaded for help and to be rescued and urged people online to share her video in the hope of it reaching the Philippine government. She provided her address and contact number in the video.

There are more than two million Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia, the majority of them domestic workers. Filipino maids who are abused by their employers often seek help from the Philippine government through social media.