Dubai where the incidents are alleged to have taken place. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino maid in Dubai has been accused of sexually abusing her French employer’s eight-year-old autistic son. The 22-year-old maid allegedly stood naked in front of her employer’s son and made him touch her inappropriately, a court heard on Wednesday, according to the Gulf News.

The mother became suspicious when her son’s behavior changed. She said her son became aggressive and started to touch her inappropriately whenever she took him for a shower.

The employer’s Ethiopian maid claimed the Filipina sexually abused the boy repeatedly, especially when his mother was abroad. After being told this, the mother called the police.

On Wednesday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the Filipina was accused of sexually abusing the boy. She pleaded not guilty to the charge. A ruling will be heard on July 25.

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