Indonesian domestic workers gather in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Photo: Asia Times

Two Indonesian domestic workers were taken to hospital on Sunday after being injured by a falling tree branch in Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island.

Several Indonesian domestic workers had gathered at the park in Causeway Bay at about noon but a 5-meter-long branch suddenly fell during strong winds and hit two of the maids, who were praying under the tree, Apple Daily reported.

The injured workers were aged 45 and 55. One was hit on the head and the other on her arm. Other workers immediately called the police.

Police officers and medical personnel arrived. After applying dressing to the women’s wounds, the pair were sent to hospital for further medical treatment.

After the accident, police cordoned off the area for firemen to cut the rest of the branch.

It was understood that both workers have been working in Hong Kong for more than 10 years and they go to Victoria Park to meet their friends every Sunday.

An Indonesian domestic worker named Anna urged the government to examine and check the trees in the park to avoid similar accidents happening in the future, Oriental Daily reported.

Another worker named Mane voiced concern about the accident and said she would avoid sitting under the tree in the future.

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