Amman, capital of Jordan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Amman, capital of Jordan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Indonesian domestic worker who was held captive by her employer in Jordan for 15 years is expected to return home to Indonesia shortly.

The domestic worker identified only as Sarisih, 42, went to work in Jordan in 2003. Sarisih said she was only paid US$100 during her first year working for her employer, The Jakarta Post reported.

Sarisih said she was never given a residence permit by her employer and her passport was not renewed when it expired in 2008. She was held captive by her employer, who threatened her every time she tried to contact the Indonesian Embassy in Jordan.

“I’ve wanted to go home for such a long time, but my employer held me back,” said Sarisih, who is from Lampung in southern Sumatra.

Sarisih’s 21-year-old daughter wrote a letter to the Indonesian president requesting help in finding her mother. The Indonesian Embassy in Jordan was able to rescue Sarisih, who is now staying at the embassy’s shelter.

Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan Andy Rachmianto said they would ensure that Sarisih’s rights are fulfilled before she is repatriated home.