Dammam in Saudi Arabia where the Indonesian maid was detained. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Indonesian migrant worker who was freed from death row in Saudi Arabia and has returned to Indonesia is now filing a lawsuit for compensation.

In May 2010, Nurkoyah Marsan Dasan was accused of the premeditated murder of her employer’s three-month-old son. Dasan’s employer filed a lawsuit seeking the death penalty against her, but the lawsuit was rejected due to lack of evidence, Tempo reported.

Dasan spent eight years in prison waiting for her case to be heard. On April 3, she was finally freed and allowed to return to Indonesia. She arrived in Jakarta on July 4.

Dasan has now filed a lawsuit for compensation. According to Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, the director of Indonesian Citizens Protection and BHI Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the amount of compensation will be calculated from how long Dasan spent in prison.

“If a person is accused of a criminal offense and is not proven, then he or she may file a lawsuit in the form of compensation money,” Iqbal said.

Iqbal said Dasan’s legal case was not closed and ensured that the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dasan’s legal representatives will assist her in claiming compensation.

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