The Control Yuan published its report on Thursday. Photo:wikipedia commons/Venation
The Control Yuan published its report on Thursday. Photo:wikipedia commons/Venation

Police in Hsinchu County, Taiwan, were criticized by the Control Yuan investigatory agency for failing to follow regulations in a case in which a police officer shot a suspect to death in 2017.

On August 31 last year, a citizen in Zhubei City reported that a foreign man was acting strangely and might be planning to steal a truck. Two policemen, surnamed Chen and Li, arrived at the scene to find a 27-year-old runaway Vietnamese worker surnamed Nguyen, who was naked.

Nguyen punched and threw stones at Li. When the officers used batons and pepper spray against the suspect, they failed to subdue him.

Nguyen allegedly ignored a warning from Chen that he would use his firearm, and dashed towards the unoccupied police vehicle.

Chen then shot Nguyen nine times in 12 seconds at close range. The Vietnamese man was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

It was later revealed that Nguyen was under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamines. The officers claimed that he appeared mentally unstable at the time. He was a migrant worker registered in Tainan, but he had been on the run for three years and allegedly had a history of stealing vehicles.

The incident had caused public concern, with questions asked whether the police officers might have used excessive force.

After completing its investigation, the Control Yuan published a report on Thursday, criticizing Hsinchu County Police Bureau and Fire Bureau for failing to supervise their officers, China Times reported.

According to the report, Chen should have aimed to shoot the suspect’s legs. The officers also failed to record the incident with their video cameras and picked up ejected bullet shells which were items of evidence.

Additionally, the report noted that although Nguyen was clearly suffering from life-threatening injuries, he was not sent to hospital until 14 minutes after Li was sent for treatment, never mind that Li only suffered from a broken nose.

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