Dong Mingzhu, the chairwoman of Gree Electric. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Gree Electric, a major Chinese appliance firm, kicked off its research on computer chips two to three years ago, but still faces a major development gap, said Dong Mingzhu, chairwoman of the company, The Paper reported.

Though many analysts are not optimistic about this investment and believe it is needlessly burning money, Dong remains confident on the company’s progress and has emphasized that money is not the main problem.

Earlier in April, Wang Jingdong, deputy chairman of the company, said the firm decided to increase investment in integrated circuits, after being triggered by the US components embargo on ZTE.

Ni Guangnan, a computer structure and algorithm expert, thinks Gree’s entrance to the chip industry actually does makes a lot of sense, citing a report by Sina Finance.

In China, only a few large enterprises can afford to manage the processing and production of chips, because the scale of production and promotion is enormous.