In the the film 'Bagahe,' Mercy (played by Angeli Bayani) is accused of dumping her newborn baby in a trash bin during a flight home to the Philippines. Photo: YouTube

A film about a Filipino domestic worker has won a major award at this year’s Asia Independent Film Festival held in the Indian city of Bangalore.

The film titled Bagahe (which means “Baggage” in Tagalog), directed by Zig Dulay, won the Best International Fiction Feature award, Manila Bulletin reported.

Dulay said he was grateful for the recognition, which motivated him to strive harder in the filmmaking industry.

“I am so glad that the film is gaining more and more attention internationally. It is really gratifying and I became more motivated. These awards encourage me to make more meaningful and significant movies,” Dulay said.

In the film, a maid named Mercy (played by Angeli Bayani), is accused of dumping her newborn baby in a trash bin in a plane’s bathroom during her flight back to the Philippines from where she had been working overseas.

The film has also won other awards in international film festivals. It won the Golden Cycle Riskshaw Award for Best Fiction Film at the 2018 Vesoul International Film Festival in France and the Gold Remi award at the WorldFest-Houston film festival in the United States.