Tsuen Wan, the New Territories
Photo: Google Maps
Tsuen Wan, the New Territories Photo: Google Maps

A shocking video surfaced on social media on Tuesday showing a middle-aged couple releasing cockroaches on a street in Tsuen Wan in the New Territories.

Tsuen Wan District councilor Nixie Lam received the video from a resident who witnessed a man and a woman freeing cockroaches into a sewage pipe near the Riviera Gardens private housing complex on Wing Shun Street, Headline Daily reported.

The couple were seen opening several boxes which were believed to have been used to capture the cockroaches.

The witness questioned the couple as to why they were doing this. They replied, in Mandarin, that they didn’t understand the question.

When the man repeated the question, this time in Mandarin, the couple said they were doing this because there were too many cockroaches in their room and they were not able to kill them all.

The cameraman criticized their behavior before sending the video footage to Lam.

Lam said she immediately reported the case to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and shared the video among various WhatsApp groups with Tsuen Wan residents, hoping to find out the whereabouts of the couple, news website HK01.com reported.

Netizens reacted furiously, criticizing the couple for being selfish and accusing them of releasing the cockroaches with the intention of spreading disease in the area.

The FEHD released a statement saying they will conduct further cleaning on the street affected, and step up pest control work.