It was a moment in history as the Falcon Heavy rocket launched from the Kennedy Space Center. Photo: SpaceX

Beijing-based space launch company LandSpace  has debuted its newly developed medium-sized liquid oxygen methane rocket “Suzaku No.2,” the largest privately-owned rocket in the country so far, reported.

The company plans to complete all ground tests in 2019 and carry out its first flight in 2020.

At present, internationally renowned rocket companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin are all planning to launch a liquid oxygen methane rocket.

Although the capacity of “Suzaku No.2” is much lower than those of SpaceX and Blue Origin, it is still possible to send the equivalent of two SUVs into space.

So far, medium-sized rockets in China and the rest of the world belong to the old generation of rockets.

They generally face problems such as lack of environmental protection, higher costs and longer preparation time for launching. They are also difficult to reuse and have insufficient capacity.

Private rocket companies in China must first solve the cost and technical problems of putting a satellite into the orbit, before then can they truly set foot into commercial aerospace.