Chuto Plaza Hotel in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Chuto Plaza Hotel in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A pro-migrant workers group held a protest on Tuesday outside a shareholders meeting of HTC Corporation, a leading consumer electronics company headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

The shareholders’ meeting was being held at a Taoyuan hotel on Tuesday. The protest followed an incident on June 3, when more than 60 Filipino migrant workers stormed the headquarters of HTC Corporation, complaining of unjust treatment and violations of their rights, The Commons Daily reported.

Lennon Wong, director of the Serve the People Association’s Service Center and Shelter for Migrant Workers, on June 26 accompanied more than 20 migrant workers to a protest outside the Chuto Plaza Hotel in Taoyuan. They accused HTC and employment agencies of committing forgery and forcing workers to sign voluntary resignation letters to mask a massive lay-off since February this year.

Dannie Liu, the Assistant Vice-President at HTC Corporation, appeared in the crowd and accepted a letter from the group. However, she refused to make any comments or replies to the workers’ demand.

Meanwhile, the Department of Labor, Taoyuan, said investigations regarding the alleged violations against HTC Corporation were ongoing. If any violations had incurred, the case would be referred to law enforcement authorities, it said.