The woman accused the maid of sexually abusing her young daughter. Photo: iStockphoto
The woman accused the maid of sexually abusing her young daughter. Photo: iStockphoto

A Hong Kong woman who went online with allegations that her daughter had been sexually abused by her maid, is now being sued by the domestic worker because police did not investigate her claims due to insufficient evidence.

The woman posted the message on a Facebook group on Saturday, asking people online what she should do next as the maid had filed a claim to the Small Claims Tribunal for compensation. The woman had terminated the maid’s employment contract because of the alleged assault, Sing Tao Daily reported.

The woman claimed she became aware of the incident when her daughter cried and said she suffered pain when bathing. Her daughter was later diagnosed with vaginitis after a medical examination. The woman claimed her daughter told her the maid had interfered with her.

She reported the case to police, but due to insufficient evidence, police did not launch an investigation. After the maid was fired, she filed a claim for compensation with the Small Claims Tribunal.

More than 1,000 people online supported the woman, but some said the diagnosis of vaginitis was not necessarily related to sexual assault and asked why the woman had not taken her daughter to a public hospital for an examination.

Joan Tsui Hiu-tung of the Support Group for Hong Kong Employers said she had not received any complaint from the woman. She advised parents to take their children to a public hospital for a medical examination if they suspect their child had been abused, Apple Daily reported.

Medical staff would inform the police, social welfare department and psychologists if they found any suspicious cases. Barrister Albert Luk said employers should give a one-month payment in lieu of notice when they terminate a maid’s contract, even if they suspected they had done something wrong.

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