A wanted person (left) is identified by police as he went to Jacky Cheung's concert last month. Photo: Weibo, Facebook

It seems Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung attracts some unusual fans to his concerts, with police arresting their fourth wanted man in three months at one of his shows.

Thanks to face recognition technology on the way into the shows, police have been able to zoom in on fugitives wanted by the law. Cheung, the king of Cantonese pop with a huge fan base, attracted another fugitive last weekend.

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Jinhwa police said they had high expectations of arresting someone before the concert and had extra police on duty at the event. Their efforts paid off when a 49-year-old man tried to sell his concert ticket at an inflated price and was caught. Later police discovered the man was wanted in Shanghai.

Four hours before the concert, the public security bureau arrested another man with an allegedly fake national document. The man said he was a Jacky Cheung fan and prepared to go inside if he could not flip the ticket.

He was the fourth person caught by the mainland bureau after it was first reported that a fugitive was caught in Nanchang outside one of Cheung’s concerts. Two more were caught on Cheung’s China tour in Ganzhou and Jiaxing on May 5 and May 20.

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After the third arrest, Cheung released a statement, saying “no matter who you are, I think everyone needs a bit of entertainment.” He also added that gangsters would be caught anywhere.

“Even if they are not caught in the concert, they will be caught in the convenience store,” he said.