Indonesian Embassy in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Indonesian Embassy in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A taxi driver who brought an alleged abuse victim to the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore early on Saturday morning was fortunate to have the fare settled by an embassy official.

At 6:35am on June 2, the driver surnamed Tan noted on a Facebook post that he picked up a female passenger on Sixth Avenue, Bukit Timah, Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported.

The woman, who appeared desperate, asked if the driver could help her, and showed him the address of the Indonesian Embassy on the screen of her mobile phone.

During the ride, Tan learned that the woman was a domestic worker who sought assistance from the embassy because of alleged abuse on the part of her employer.

Arriving at the destination, the maid told the driver that she carried no cash, meaning that she could not pay him for the ride.

Tan let her out of the taxi, and as the premises were not yet open, he left the maid squatting by the entrance.

On his way out of the compound, the driver expressed his misfortune to security personnel, who advised him to take his passenger to a different entrance, where he could receive payment.

Tan followed the instructions and was said to be grateful that he could take the penniless worker to the safety of the embassy and still have his fare covered.

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