Maharlika Highway in San Fernando, Camarines Sur in the Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino single mother has been found dead with her hands cuffed behind her back in San Fernando, Camarines Sur in the Philippines.

Jeraldyn Rapinyan, 28, told her family last Thursday evening that she was stepping out for an errand but never returned home, GMA News reported on Monday.

Rapinyan’s body was found in long grass beside Maharlika Highway. Her arms were handcuffed behind her and her legs tied with rope. Her head was also covered with a bag.

According to police, Rapinyan had multiple stab wounds to her chest. An autopsy also revealed that she had been strangled to death.

The police are currently investigating the case. The identity of her killer or killers and the motive for why she was murdered remains unknown.

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