A concrete mixer truck was hit by a crane hook. Photo: Tencent video

A driver was killed after his concrete mixer truck was hit by a crane hook swinging from a vehicle on a highway in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in China.

On May 19, a mobile crane operator surnamed Zhang allegedly forgot to fasten the hook on his vehicle before he turned onto a road in Longgang district. As the mobile crane was turning, the unsecured hook hit a motorcycle rider before striking a concrete mixer truck traveling in the opposite direction, Thepaper.com reported.

The hook smashed into the driver’s compartment of the concrete mixer, which then flipped over, narrowly missing pedestrians.

The injured motorcycle rider was taken to hospital for medical treatment while the concrete truck driver was declared dead at the scene. Citing an initial investigation, a police spokesman asserted that Zhang should be held responsible for the accident.

Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong, is one of the four major cities in China along with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is widely regarded as the nation’s technological hub.

Information tech giant Huawei Technologies and electric car manufacturer BYD have their headquarters in Longgang in Shenzhen. Internet powerhouse Tencent Holdings and handset maker ZTE are also based in the city.