Sanitary napkins
Photo: iStockphoto
Sanitary napkins Photo: iStockphoto

The Consumer Council has reported mixed results from tests it conducted on sanitary napkins, with none of the 45 samples containing harmful chemicals but two having slight leakages.

Twenty-nine products scored four points out of a possible five or above, which the council said was a good overall performance.

Organyc cotton sanitary towels (organic, moderate flow), produced in Italy, and Natracare organic & natural ultra extra pads (super) from the United Kingdom were the leaky brands, Apple Daily reported.

All tested products conformed with manufacturing standards set in mainland China and Taiwan, the consumer watchdog said. Absorption capabilities were also tested, with three samples failing assessments. Others had widely varying absorption times, ranging from 98 seconds to nearly 30 minutes.

Two products, Yejimiin 100% cotton cover sanitary napkins and Lilian herbal sanitary napkins, were soaked after the first round of testing and could not absorb second and third doses, Sing Tao Daily reported.

Prices for the sampled products, which were made in China, Canada, Hungary, Italy, the UK, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and Vietnam, range from 42 Hong Kong cents to HK$4.99 per pad (5 to 65 US cents).