Sai Kung in the New Territories where the robberies took place. Photo: Google Maps

Police are hunting for thieves who broke into and ransacked two luxury villas in Sai Kung in the New Territories on Wednesday night.

At 9pm, a domestic worker heard a sound in one villa on Clear Water Bay Road and then found windows in the house had been forced open and the place had been ransacked, news website reported.

She informed her 73-year-old female employer who called the police. The owner was still counting the items stolen. The villa had security facilities, including an alarm, surveillance camera and an infrared sensor.

After reviewing surveillance camera footage, police said two burglars broke into the flat from the hill behind. The footage showed they touched a vase and officers took it for further investigation, Apple Daily reported.

During the police investigation, officers found another villa nearby had been ransacked too. The owner found watches, jewelry and handbags were missing, but had not yet confirmed the value.

Police suspect the burglars had hidden in the hills and they set up roadblocks along Clear Water Bay Road. A helicopter from the government flying services team was also deployed to help in the search.

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