Bristol Crown Court. Photo: Google Maps
Bristol Crown Court. Photo: Google Maps

An Egyptian businessman in the United Kingdom who tied up his Filipino maid for 35 hours failed to win his appeal to have his sentence reduced.

In June 2015, Zekri Gris and his wife Dina Matiass tied domestic worker Niressa De-Vicente to a chair after Gris accused her of stealing £12,000 (US$16,105). Matiass filmed the ordeal while Gris physically and verbally abused her, Bristol Post reported.

Gris became aggressive, intimidatory and violent and slapped the maid’s face several times. The Filipino was tied up and confined in her room for 30 to 35 hours before she was able to escape by climbing out a window.

A neighbor saw De-Vicente running down the street and police were called. The couple were then arrested. On May 31, 2016, at Bristol Crown Court, Gris was charged with one count of false imprisonment and was given a three-year jail-term.

On Thursday, Matiass was given a 12-month jail term suspended for a year after pleading guilty to one count of false imprisonment. On the same day, Gris filed for an appeal to have his sentence reduced, saying it was “too tough.”

However, the court did not grant the appeal and said Gris’ jail term was not excessive for the offense of false imprisonment. “In our judgement, a significantly longer term of imprisonment could justifiably have been imposed,” the court said.

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