Brunei. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Brunei. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Malaysian man has pleaded guilty to trafficking three Filipino women into Brunei. Radiman bin Alidin met the three Filipinas in Labuan in October 2017 and they asked him to help them escape from employment as hostesses at a pub, the Borneo Bulletin reported.

Alidin made a deal with the three Filipinas that he would take them to Brunei without their passports, which were held by their employer. Alidin asked the women to pay 1,300 ringgit (US$322) to get them to Brunei.

On October 25, 2017, Alidin and the three Filipinas boarded a boat that took them to Brunei. They paid Alidin 500 ringgit a day before they left and gave him the remaining 800 ringgit while on board the boat.

The boat arrived at Serasa Beach, where Alidin left the three women to be picked up by two local men. Alidin then returned to Labuan.

Authorities in Brunei arrested the three women after they found that they were in Brunei illegally. That led to a search for Alidin.

A stop list was issued on Alidin and he was arrested when he entered Brunei on May 25.

On Monday at the Intermediate Court in Brunei, Alidin pleaded guilty to human trafficking. His punishment will be announced on July 7.